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BlissFit & Friends is geared towards women who want to stay active and make wonderful friendships along the way. We provide a mix of social activities, excursions and fun fitness workouts. Our events take into consideration the mind & body. Being active outdoors is not only great for your physical health, but mental as well. Being active outdoors can help you combat stress, keep your spirits lifted & encourage life long activity.

We Believe/Core Values

  • We collaborate- NOT compete
  • We build eachother up
  • We are Down to Earth
  • We are Non Judgemental
  • We believe you should strive to be the best version of YOU
  • We don’t compare ourselves to other women


  • Affordable- no $10,000 annual membership needed here!
  • Community where you are introduced to new activities and excursions (paddleboarding, snowshoeing, etc).
  • Year round events & activities. Being active in the heat (being safe of course) builds physical and mental resiliency.
  • Make solid friendships.
  • Various fun outdoor activities encourage long term commitment.
  • On going events- don’t have to plan and there’s always something to look forward to.
  • Community of women to learn new workouts and go hiking with friends (Park Circuits, etc)
  • Emphasis on the benefits of nature for the mental/physical well being.
  • Back to basics- consistent movement in the outdoors WILL improve mental and physical health.

Meet The Team

Hi-I’m Misty-Welcome to BlissFit & Friends! The outdoors and fitness are two of my greatest passions. I’m an avid outdoors lady; I am certified in outdoor fitness and I’ve run a hiking & mountain biking MeetUp in Phx since 2019. The idea for BlissFit & Friends came to me when I realized a few things. 1) How many people (or women specifically) get less physically active with age. 2) Results can taper off over time due to boredom 3) A supportive community encourages women to be more social, active and outdoorsy.

One of the goals of BlissFit & Friends is to help change the attitude and mindset that women have towards eachother. BFF is a place that is welcoming, collaborative, and supportive. I also want BlissFit to be a place where women know they are valued. That with aging, you can still be active and life a full life!

Few more personal notes- I am originally from ID, and have lived in AZ since 2007.   I grew up camping, fishing, and hiking with my family. Some of my favorite memories were having family reunions in the South Hills and playing disc golf with my Dad and Uncles.  The outdoors has always been a source of comfort and has provided me with a solid foundation of fitness. 

Aside from my family, my life is all about being active in nature.  Arizona is an amazing state in which I loves to explore through hiking, camping and mountain biking. Now, I get to share the love of the outdoors with others.  

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