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Arizona National Forests

AZ State Parks

There are over 30 Arizona State Parks and camping is available at 15 of them. These are the parks I added below.

Bureau of Land Management

There are 12 states that have BLM land- and AZ is fortunate to be one of them! Generally, this land is a bit more rugged and remote. I have chosen some of the most popular activities for quick reference- but the site has additional ones you’ll see once you visit. Once you click on the link, You’ll be directed to a list of places where you can participate in that chosen activity.

AZ Regional Parks

These are the regional parks around Phoenix where you can hike, mtn bike, picnic, etc. Some of them you can even go camping. You may have never thought of camping in the desert, but it’s actually quite enjoyable.

Arizona Community Parks, Gardens & Gathering

AZ Brunch & Beans

Arizona Farms – eggs, poultry, fruit, & veggies

Outdoor Gear/Surplus

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Disc Golf Courses

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