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Aside from our membership for the ladies who live in AZ, we provide a variety of personalized services.

Guided Hikes

Wander Woman– Are you a female solo traveler to AZ and don’t want to explore alone? We can be your hiking companion on the trails in Phoenix and the surrounding areas (even places such as Sedona, Flagstaff, and Payson)! Based on your stamina, fitness level, time and interests we will take you the perfect trail.

Hike with Heart– Great for those who are still searching for their WHY. This is a hike that incorporates facilitation & questions along the way. You’ll have time to think about the questions while hiking and then we take quiet breaks in the breathtaking beauty of AZ so you can clearly write your thoughts. The goal of this hike is to provide inspiration for you to move towards your desired life.

Outdoor Trip Planning

Day Tripper– Save time and effort and let us help you plan a fun Outdoor AZ Adventure! We can assist with making recommendations and how to make the most of your day!

Camp Concierge- Are you new to AZ or will be visiting and you’d like some help planning an amazing camping experience? We can assist you with researching, booking campsites, route planning and much more!

Outdoor Fitness/Health Coaching

3F -Fit, Fun, and Fantastic- We can meet you at your home or at your chosen location to create a personalized fitness plan for you! This will be based around outdoor activities of course to keep your exercise fun and energizing. Exercising in the outdoors is invigorating, builds stamina and will help you reach your goals faster.

****Prices varies on each of these depending on length of time, requirements, etc. Please contact us at or call: 520-252-0702.

Thanks so much for stopping by and we look forward to hearing from you!