Opening Hours

Hours Based on Events

$49 per Month Includes:

  • 10% off on Monthly Main Event(s)
  • 1 Free Lunch ($20.00 Value)
  • Admission to Wednesday Wonder Woman Meetings
  • Access to Private Facebook Group (Will get the link once you join)
  • Free Personalized Fitness Photo Shoot (Valued at $150)

Sign up for a Yearly membership and get 15% off. This is a savings of $88 a year!

Membership Details

  • BFF charges for events/membership fees in order to provide professional, organized, on going, dependable events & activities.
  • You can cancel at any time/No contract- a pro rated return will be given for Annual Membership.
  • Membership fee/Event Entrance fee excludes some of the fees related to dining, gear rentals, etc.
  • Please note once you register and your application is reviewed- you will receive a separate email with the payment option. From there, you can create a log in.