Opening Hours

Hours Based on Events

BlissFit & Friends is where you can be active and social! A place where you can merge your “girlfriend” time with staying active. We plan everything to save you time and effort. Below is what you can expect from us throughout the Year.


Our hikes will typically be anywhere from 4-10 miles. The location of the hikes will depend on the time of year. During the winter/cooler months, hikes will be more local and will be in various places in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. No matter what your pace- you will always have someone to hike with. No one is ever left behind.

New Adventures

These activities may be paddleboarding, indoor rock climbing, snowshoeing, archery & even horseback riding. This gives you the opportunity to break out and try different sports and learn new skills.

Park Workouts

The purpose of this is to introduce you to a new way of “officially” exercising outdoors. You can take these workouts and apply yourself once you learn them. These park workouts/circuits are instructor led and will help you build strength, agility, flexibility, cardio and balance. They are designed for beginners to gurus- every skill level will benefit. During the summer, we will start right around 5/5:30 AM for our “Sunrise Sweat” series.

Coffee Connections/Socials

These Meetups will be at various coffee shops and sometimes take place after a walk. Chatting over coffee will help us all get to know each other better and establish strong relationships. Other social events will include festivals, Brush Bars, cooking classes, etc.

Dine & UnWind

Just like it sounds Ladies! We’ll meet at various restaurants for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There may be some events where we meet afterwards or other times that an event is scheduled separately. There are so many wonderful restaurants in Phoenix and the surrounding areas-let’s discover them together!