Opening Hours

Hours Based on Events

What are the Membership/Event Fees for?

BFF is a business offering a unique blend of activities, socials and outdoor fitness events specifically for Women. Typically, local hikes/workouts are $10 to join (if you are not a member). We will also be providing combo/weekend events -which prices will vary; Annual members will get 10% off for those events.

Comparatively speaking, we are very affordable. For instance, Personal guiding services for a solo hike in AZ can be up to $200. You also have some AZ Golf resorts that charge up to $10,000 a year for a membership. This is great for these companies because they are filling the needs of their target market!

As far as BFF, we want to provide quality, yet cost effective services. Our membership & event fees cover the business expenses, insurance, overhead, and time placed in scheduling the events.

What is the benefit of having a membership vs pay per event?

If you plan on attending the majority of events, then having an annual or monthly membership will save you money. There will also be member only events.

Do I need to sign a contract?

You do not need to sign a contract. If you sign up for an annual membership- and then decide you no longer want to be involved, you will be refunded at a pro rated amount.

Can I get a refund?

If events are canceled for any reason you will get a refund.

Do you provide all of the gear?

We are not a guiding service or outfitter- so we do not provide you with gear. In some instances, we will be partnering with outdoor guiding/tour companies which will have equipment. For each event, details will be added as to what is needed and how you can rent, etc when necessary.