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I have hiked all over the state of AZ and I can say without a doubt this hike is at the top of my list.  The beauty of the flowers, hiking along the creek for a ways, and reaching the old mining shack at the end of the hike was a huge reward.  Algonquin Trail is in the Castle Creek Wilderness (which is close to Crown King, AZ). The name originated from the Algonquin mine that was est. in the early 1900s near Hell’s Hole. The trail passes the mine location which is located in the southern end of the Bradshaw Mountains.

This hike definitely involved some adventure- towards the end of the hike my friend and I were passed by two men.  When we got to the top we found out they were with the DEA.  Apparently, there is weed grown in the area and they were out looking for it.  I wasn’t worried about getting hurt- but I don’t recommend hiking this trail by yourself.

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